Off Armageddon Reef

Author: David Weber

I loved this book and the sequels. Humanity is sequestered on a planet by a cadre of crazy, megalomaniac officers. Their goal was to eliminate "technological" advancement and thereby keep the last known human population from detection and annihilation by the Gbabba, an extremely xenophobic race that was on the verge of defeating the defenses over Earth and wiping out humanity once and for all.

Hundreds of years later an android containing the memories of a young lieutenant awakens to discover what had been done and with the sole mission of restoring technology in a civilization in which technological advancements are viewed with suspicion and under the auspices of a Church of God Awaiting, could be deemed demonic in origin, or at the very least sinful.

This book is how the android creates the persona of "Merlin Athrawes" and goes forth to start preparing the way for an industrial revolution, but it's so much more than that as well. Merlin makes friends, experiences a few awkward moments, and even makes some hard choices.

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