Cold Days, A Novel in the Dresden Files

It is November 20th and it is another 7 days before the next book in the Dresden Files is released, Cold Days! Harry Dresden was murdered at the end of the book - two books prior to this next one. The last book, Ghost Story, was a great book but slower than the others, where Harry Dresden, Wizard of the High Council, was a ghost, and as a private investigator in life, so he was in death, tasked by the angels to solve his own murder. Several twists later and we are left hanging in suspense to see how he comes back from the dead to fight evil and... Oh, no, that's right - he's the new Winter Knight, champion of the amoral and decidedly evil Queen Mab of the Unseelie Winter Court.

Harry Dresden is screwed... maybe even actually screwed. Who knows? Well, we don't yet - because the book hasn't been released yet!!! Some lucky bastard paid over $3,000 for an advanced reader copy in an auction for charity, which is crazy right? I would've paid twice that if I had was as rich as Bruce Wayne and just as batty. Who does that and then keeps the contents a secret? Come on... drop us a hint!!!

Okay, never mind - I can wait seven more days. I'll just have to satisfy myself with the free chapters released on Jim Butcher's web site.

I probably should've mentioned the free chapters first right? ;-)

The Dresden Files
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