Heroes R Us: A Superhero novel

I've been reading a lot of books in the Super Hero genre lately and it has been interesting to discover new authors, new stories... but alas, so very few new plots...

Heroes R Us is a fresh look at a super hero who catches no breaks trying to help people. He is alternatively praised and vilified in public and his powers don't give up enough advantage over the system to became a comic book style super hero. Poor, not endowed with super genius, and neither invincible, omniscient, or particularly powerful, his moderate super powers give him only enough advantage to take down the run of the mill bad guys, and that seems to land him in hot water when it turns out that public corruption actually sponsors and supports a lot of the petty criminals in his city.

This is the story of a hero who aside from some super speed, strength, and night vision, is not that different from the average geek. It is a story about standing up against incredible odds.

There is no supervillain in this story. Humanity is villainous enough, it seems, without having to invent evil for this super hero to fight.

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