A Memory of Light

Author: Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson

The Wheel turns and Ages come and Ages go, and I have been reading this series since book 3 was in hard cover. I waited anxiously as every successive book was published and have reread all of the books until the bindings started to come undone. Thankfully I have an iPad and now my books don't have bindings to worry about.

A Memory of Light is the last book in the Wheel of Time cycle. Rand al'Thor thinks his destiny is to die. Prophecies abound. And that's all I have to say about that. Nothing ticks off a fellow traveler than a badly placed spoiler. I do believe death threats have been levied against thoughtless bloggers. Perhaps I've thought about throwing stones at one of them myself... pebbles really.

I may follow up by posting reviews of the first dozen books... It should help me brush up and prepare for the release of the last and final book this coming January 2013. I really can't wait.

Wheel of Time
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