Baked Char Siu Manapua at Hawaiian Bread House in Nu'uuli

I love food. Yes, and I also love stating the obvious.

Charsiu is the Five Spice Hosanna of Chinese pork. It goes in anything from your noodles to your fried rice to just on top of your rice. But the most portable way to get lunch on the go is to get lunch in a bun, and that's what charsiu manapua is all about. It's Lunch In A Bun and we've missed it horribly. Since I moved home six years ago I think I've had a few dozen charsiu manapuas imported from Hawaii, frozen and then hand carried here by loving family members. Thanks family! Yet, nothing beats the taste of fresh, warm manapua.

In Samoa this particular Lunch In A Bun style is often called Keke Pua'a, and it is either steamed or baked, just like manapua in Hawaii, but unlike our beloved manapua, nobody saw the commercial value of using charsiu pork. I've asked. I've begged. I've tried talking to food vendors and restaurants. After all these years it turns out the only person I should've been talking to is John Wasko of Busy Corner Magazine. He's far more convincing than I am and he approached the Hawaiian Bread House that recently opened up in the Litani Commercial and Shopping Complex in Nu'uuli (next to Shoe Tree) and he got them to make some... and then they sold out. Three days in and they're still selling out.

To the other food vendors out there... believe me when I'm talking about food. Please. I know food.

So, on the Google map below you won't see the building in the map since it is a new building, but it will lead you right here. When you order, give John and Busy Corner the credit when you pay, tell them "John Wasko of Busy Corner" sent me. And if you feel talkative, tell them you read about it here on 

Hawaiian Bread House
New Litani Shopping Center
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