Google Trends

Technology - Google Trends is a Google web facility for researching real time search trends for whatever nefarious purpose a user like me can imagine. My nefarious use for Trends is I am going to call it the Trend-inator, and I'll be using it to TAKE OVER THE TRI-STATE AREA! What? Why looking you at me like that?

In all honesty though, Trends is an awesome way to learn what people are thinking about all around the world. The only thing that would make it even better would be if Google would allow users to filter Trends by the region or locality of the searchers. For example, I'm only interested in users in the TRI-STATE AREA!

Knowing what people are searching for on the Internet is interesting and once my Trend-inator hijacks their search queries and redirects people to my web site, I'll make them fill out a survey and maybe try and convince them to donate to my cause, which is to TAKE OVER THE TRI-STATE AREA! I even named my charity after it, it's called HELP ME TAKE OVER THE TRI-STATE AREA FUND.

Now, if you don't mind - I have to set traps for my nemesis. He should be showing up anytime now, in fact, he's just a little bit late. 

Interested in seeing what Google Trends is doing right now? Visit the Trend-inator!!!