First Fridays at the Fagatogo Marketplace

First Fridays at the Fagatogo Marketplace is a terrific program that I've written about before. It is a venue for businesses, non-profits, Government programs, and non-government organizations to promote their programs, services, and do some fundraising or sales. Many businesses have successfully started their promotions at First Friday, only to become too busy as a result.

My own business, has been there several times - successfully promoting my sideline of custom printed fabrics, and much less successfully promoting our technology aspect of the business, which is an interesting data point to be added to my knowledge base - people that attend First Fridays are more interested in food and pretty fabrics, jewelry, and more food than anything else.

So, if you are a vendor or have an idea and would like to start up a small business and promote it at First Fridays, don't hesitate to call Moli at the Department of Commerce, (684) 633-5155 for details, or ask for Lasiandra.

I might not be a vendor at First Fridays in January. Inventory is low on the fabrics (a good thing right?), and I'm not sure if I'm going my new inventory back from printing before the deadline to participate, but I'll try. Almost all of my bright colors are gone, leaving a few of the blues, a brown, and a bright pink and yellow/red. Not bad for just a guy.

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