The Coffee Bean - Apia - The Big Bean Breakfast

My favorite little café in Apia town, Western Samoa, is the Coffee Bean. Located on the Eastern side of town, in the same building as the Misiluki Day Spa and a very brief walk from Aggie Grey's hotel. This little café has three breakfast dishes that are awesome. Try the Big Bean Breakfast if you're hungry, or the full stack pancakes, or any combination of their toasted sandwiches...

And the coffee selection is excellent. The lattés are considered some of the best in town, but as I'm a strong, black, unsweetened coffee kind of guy - I always order the Long Black espresso. Just be sure to order your coffee in a cup with a handle. Following an unusual fashion trend - Coffee Bean now serves their large, in-house beverages in handleless cups (bowls). Extremely hot beverages being rather difficult to drink from a bowl... Yes. I know - but still the coffee is really good.

The Coffe Bean Café
Falealili Street