Quibids... Hoooaaa


I decided to see what the hoopla about Quibids was all about and I invested a small amount of money to "join" the site and start bidding. After winning a few bids and just falling short of breaking even I decided to end the experiment after a couple of days.
Quibids is legitimate. It is a penny auction site. It could be addictive for gamblers. There are a lot of people on the site who will bid beyond break even to win, because it isn't about the prizes for the most avid of the Quibidders, it is about the "win" and the endorphin rush that comes with it. It is fun, until you start calculating the cost and if you aren't a candidate for Gamblers Anonymous, you should be able to extricate yourself from the site without becoming addicted.
As I saw it, there are three ways to win Quibids.
 1) Luck.
 2) Patience and a very careful strategy for bidding as little as possible at just the right moment. Ummm... Luck.
 3) Brute force. Spend whatever it takes to outbid everybody else and the cost be damned.
So, luck plays a big part of winning at Quibids and your luck runs out when the brute force bidder shows up at the last possible second of your carefully planned strategic bidding war, and generally the brute force bidder will nuke the bid into high gear and you fold and wait until another auction starts that you want to bid on.
For most people becoming a master bidder on Quibids requires lots of patience and time spent on the site recording user ID's, user stats, and user behaviors. You must be diligent in profiling your opponents so you know when to bid and when to fold. I won two auctions with one bid each, but I understand that is rare and they were pretty much why I came close to breaking even on my experiment.
I got lucky. Twice. I won a couple more items with a lot more bids to win, including a couple of bid packs so I could keep on going. However, I couldn't dedicate the time or the leisure to winning items I have no use for in the real world. I got a couple pieces of jewelry for my girlfriend, so I'm happy enough with the result, but I could've gotten more if I'd just ordered online and paid retail.
In the end I'd recommend caution, prudence, patience, and common sense if you sign up for Quibids. Set your limits. Read Quibids strategy guides with a grain of salt. Set your limits. Understand that it is entertainment, like Dave & Busters and other adult style arcades. 
Did I mention already about setting your limits? That should be "Rule #1".
And if you should decide to join - use my referral link: http://qb.cm/r26226022 because I'm not opposed to bidding on items for free.
See that? Free is my limit.