Fashion Project Part III - The Tale of the Ready-Made Escapade

The Fashion Project continues in Part III with an attempt at two ready-made dresses - one asymmetrical mini dress similar to the style above, and one sun dress. I photoshopped in the printed fabric being used for the visual and got it as close as I could.

Once again I am using the expert seamstresses over at Island Image Creations to do the sewing for this project. Two dresses, different styles - and I was unable to get a hold of the designer that I worked with on Part II, so I bravely sketched the designs myself and went in myself. In 10 days, we shall see the results.

The mini dress is  an asymmetrical, one shoulder, sleeveless mini.

The sun dress is a v-neckline mini dress with a fitted top and flowy mid-length skirt, with a cross-back.

Both dresses are single piece outfits made with the same fabric, a black tatau print on white cotton jersey. The mini dress is lined with plain white stretch cotton to ensure sufficient opacity while the sun dress is not lined to ensure cool and comfortable fit and wear. One or both dresses will probably be on display and for sale at J-Len-T's in Nu'uuli once they are complete. Other outfits will likely follow as I work through my list of challenges.

Remaining Style challenges (in no particular order):
• Plus Size Style
• Prom Dress Style
• Swim Wear Style
• Active Wear Style
• Puletasi Style

Process Challenges (also in no particular order):
• Made To Measure Ordering Process
 - Pick a fabric, order an outfit from an online style catalog, receive a measurements kit, take your own measurements and fill out the online form attached to your account, and then wait for your completed, made-to-measure outfit.
• More processes will be added as we uncover things we don't know that we would like to know more about...