Fashion Statement

PagoPages Fashion Projects was at Tisa's Tattoo Festival this past weekend, showcasing some of our designs alongside Pacific Roots Apparel.

Thanks go to Pacific Roots Apparel for inviting us to participate in the fashion show that they put on at the festival. We showcased 7 outfits, six designs. Shown in the picture is our beautiful model - Ms. Kristina Vaeao, wearing one of our newest designs - the Island Style Hoodie.

Two of the dresses in the showcase will actually be appearing in the movie Seki A Oe, soon to be released. PagoPages is a sponsor of the movie, providing several of our designs for the lead actress... Kristina Vaeao. Our model is a woman with many talents apparently.

I'll write more later and post more pictures, but I wanted to make sure I posted something up here to let people know that we're still alive and we're still working. We've just been busy with private sales.

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