Pacific Roots Apparel Launches With Online Store

Pacific Roots Apparel, owned by island local, Tamiano J. Gurr, out of Hawaii, launched its web site this week. They are selling a wide variety of customized sports caps, apparel, kava, handicrafts, and some massage oils and soaps from Samoa.

Customized, tattoo related apparel with Samoan designs has been gaining ground in both American Samoa, Samoa, and now Hawaii. The art of Tattoo, or Tatau (in Samoan) has its Polynesian origins in legends and mythology. However the tradition may have begun, the tradition is over 2000 years old, and the intricate designs are making headway into the area of popular fashion.

Some interesting links about Samoan Tatau:

Other Tattoo inspired sites and designers are Tatau Brand, Tanoa Samoa, and you can learn more about this growing pop culture phenomena by reading about it in 808ink Magazine.

If you're in American Samoa or planning a trip to American Samoa and are interested in Samoan Tatau or Tattoo in general, consider coming during the last full week of October. This is our Moso'oi Festival Week and it is always closed with Tisa's Tattoo Festival at Alega Beach and Tisa's Barefoot Bar. It's always a blast.