AYFS American Samoa Kick-Off at Veterans Memorial Stadium

Bengals vs. Raiders

The American Youth Football Samoa (AYFS) kicked off their 3rd season yesterday, Saturday 7, 2012, to a crowd of family, friends, and supporters. Opening remarks by notables including the Governor of American Samoa, Togiola Tulafono. Eight teams are registered this year and all eight played games on opening day.

The teams are the AYFS 49ers, AYFS Bears, AYFS Bengals, AYFS Buccaneers, AYFS Chargers, AYFS Chiefs, AYFS Raiders, and the AYFS Steelers.

Final scores for AYFS Opening Day

Game 1 - AYFS Chargers vs. AYFS Chiefs: Chiefs win over Chargers, 38 pts to 12 pts. 
Game 2 - AYFS Steelers vs. AYFS 49ers: Steelers win over 49ers, 29 pts to 14 pts.
Game 3 - AYFS Bears vs. AYFS Buccaneers: Bears win over Buccaneers, 22 pts to 0 pts.
Game 4 - AYFS Raiders vs. AYFS Bengals: Raiders win over Bengals, 32 pts to 0 pts.