Turtle & Shark Vacation Rentals

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P.O. Box 2506, Pago Pago, AS 96799

Outside of the commercialized lanes. Off the beaten track. That's how we've been described before. Sitting above the Pacific Ocean and the majestic Vaitogi cliffs over Larson's Cove, the Turtle & Shark Lodge is a destination all it's own.

We provide some of the best accommodations at the most affordable price, at a location that offers gorgeous sunsets, a landmark blowhole, fishing, and hikers' access to a secluded, tropical beach deep within the cove. In the evenings, when the sun begins its downward set, the fruit bats come out in large numbers and fly around the Lodge, further adding to the feeling of a natural, pleasant paradise. Having grown up with all of this, we are pleased to share our location with our guests, and some of the stories and legends of the area.

Turtle & Shark Vacation Rentals also rents out vehicles by the day or for the entirety of your stay. Avoid the complications and rent your accomodations and your car from Turtle & Shark Vacation Rentals and save money on both. Guests are offered excellent rates on the car rentals, typically lower than the competition for the same class of vehicle.