Lolo Moliga and Lemanu Mauga Win Runoff Election... Unofficially

It ain't official until the fat lady sings and while I'm sure somewhere there is a plus size prima donna singing her lungs out, it doesn't count here until the official results are declared which will be long after I'm bored with tracking and writing about election results.

However, that said - Lolo Moliga and Lemanu Mauga are unofficially the winners of the runoff election here in American Samoa. My spreadsheet is missing a few polling centers, but it has most of the polling centers and it adds up to Faoa with 5630 votes and Lolo with 6029. Samoa News is reporting that they have all the polling center data.

Samoa News ( reports the final results as follows:

FINAL Unofficial Results:
Lolo & Lemanu = 6645 52% Votes
Faoa & Taufete'e = 5908 47.1% Votes

Difference of 737 votes.

According to Samoa News' story published on November 15, 2012 - 200 absentee ballots were mailed on that day to off island voters but only a small percentage were expected to be returned in time for the election to be counted. The Office of the Governor's Hawaii based office may be hand carrying some ballots on the next flight, however, the Samoa News story was unclear if they were referring to the ballots returning on yesterday (Monday's) flight or the next flight which is this Thursday. In any case it is highly unlikely that even if all 200 absentee ballots that were mailed on Nov. 15 were hand carried that they would tip the scales, unless maybe they were wrapped around some rocks. 

See that? I cracked a joke. Now watch carefully while I crack a smile. Did you see it?

(737 votes is a small margin for victory. Expect post-election drama, well at least plan for it.)

12/1/2012 - Update - Election results as previously reported were certified earlier this week. Lolo Moliga is officially the Governor-elect.