Tisa's Tattoo Festival 2012

Ink enthusiasts are always guaranteed a good time at Tisa's Tattoo Festival in American Samoa. The festival is one of the territory's best reasons to travel to American Samoa.

Scheduled always for the last weekend of October, the festival is a singularly unique event for American Samoa and is a big draw for the local community. The festival begins on Friday and continues on till Sunday with daily events, prizes and lots of activity. Spontaneous beach dancing was one of the funnier unplanned activities this year.

Tisa's Barefoot Bar is well known for their incredible pina coladas and affordable beer selection. On Wednesdays they host a Samoan feast for guests, tourists, and locals looking for a Samoan umu experience. Right on the beach the ambiance is very laid back and relaxed. Candyman and Tisa are great hosts and will often stop and talk with patrons.

I'll write more about the Tattoo Festival later and share more photos that I've gathered over the years.

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