Turtle & Shark Car Rentals

The Turtle & Shark Lodge (T&S) recently expanded their business to include general car rentals. For the last 10 years the Turtle & Shark Lodge has offered great, affordable car rentals to their guests at rates well below the average for American Samoa. Poor road conditions and high repair costs for vehicles means that car rentals in American Samoa tend to average $85 USD per day for a compact or small sedan rental.

Roy Hall Jr., owner of the Turtle & Shark enterprises, a local attorney and businessman, started general rentals to non-guests in the last few months and has added a few more vechicles to accommodate the demand for his car rentals. Business has been busy for T&S Car Rentals lately and it doesn't appear ready to slow down. All the vehicles in the T&S inventory are relatively new feeling, very well kept and maintained, and very lightly used.

If you are planning on visiting American Samoa, you can book a room and a car and save, by visiting either the Turtle & Shark Vacation Rentals web site or the Turtle & Shark Car Rentals web site.

And in the interest of full disclosure - Roy Hall Jr., is my father and I run the web sites for him.

If you go to our online directory, you can also find other car rental agencies that you can contact for competitive quotes.

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