Happy Birthday First Friday at the Fagatogo Marketplace!

Fagatogo Marketplace's "First Friday" has reached its one year anniversary with the First Friday in July. After a year of success, people ask - "What's next?" and the answer is always, "next First Friday, that's what." Ha! Sometimes I kill myself.

First Friday at the Fagatogo Marketplace is the brainchild and result of the hard work of my sister and her colleagues at the Department of Commerce. I helped.. a little. But without the persistence and hard work of Lasiandra and her cadre of dedicated and hard working public servants, who took the risk of working for free to get this program off the ground, this event would never have survived, let alone prospered.

First Fridays isn't a "new" idea, and it has its roots in a movement called "First Fridays" that has swept the nation. Small towns, big cities, and neighborhoods of all economic backgrounds have been putting on First Friday-style events for years in order to boost economic activity and promote small, neighborhood and community businesses that often get overlooked in the high-powered advertisement filled, commercialized society that we live in today. The event reminds us of the small operators, the little guys, the great bar-b-q or pizza place down the road. The event gives us one Friday night every month where we can take our families for an evening out, surrounded by a nearly festival atmosphere. In fact, I proposed we call it Fiesta Friday as an alternative to First Friday... at one low point during the planning process, when I was working on the graphics for the logo and the poster. It's a fun time. It's a good time.

At First Fridays you will find the ASCC Land Grant doing native tree education and giving away saplings for you to plant in your landscaped yards, you'll meet the National Park rangers and learn about their programs and hiking trails, and you'll meet up and coming young chefs showcasing their latest dishes, arts and crafts types, and you can buy fabric, fashion jewelry, clothing, lots and lots of food, and much, much more.

I guess, it's a bit belated - but Happy Birthday First Friday! You're One Year Old now!

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