Pastry Wrapped Fish at Rendez-vous (Samoa)

We spent too much time sampling food at too many different places on my last trip to Western Samoa. We stopped off at Rendez-vous for lunch after leaving BlueSky's offices, we were topping up our Internet there, and Rendez-vous is right there. Turn left out of the BlueSky parking lot and then turn left into Rendez-vous.

The dish in the photo above was ordered by my girlfriend, a fish dish wrapped and baked in a pastry cover. Presentation was beyond what I expected, but from the decor of the restaurant and ambiance I shouldn't have been surprised. Her pastry wrapped fish was very delicious, as was my seafood pasta, which I quickly demolished.

Rendez-vous has been around for a long time and any local can point out the way there. I've been told that dinners there are equally as delicious. Prices were a bit on the above average side of things and service was a bit slow during lunch, but I think they have more staff for dinners and we were there at an odd time, too early for a proper lunch crowd, too late for brunch.

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Rendez-vous Restaurant
American Samoa